FurDU 2017 conbook, panels and volunteers!

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Foxy_Malone, Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:33 pm

Con Book Submissions - If you would like to have the chance of getting your artwork and stories into our convention book. Now would be the time to get those rolling in! Our pages are 4530 high x 3331 wide at 300dpi. Anything that size and under would be acceptable. Full colour background or transparent background are ok. PNG is the preferred file format.
Generic characters are preferred over personal fursonas or characters (Be sure to make it clear if it is generic or personal). We also want to see new original art, not previously submitted works. Themed is always a plus and be sure to include your name, artist name and Weasyl, FA or Website link.
Also, feel free to contact us regarding advertising.

Deadline is March 31st



Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask via email.

Panel submissions! It wouldn't be a con without panels! So if you're interested in running a panel at FurDU, email us at furrydownunder@gmail.com and we'll consider you for a panel spot.
Places are rather limited though so getting in quick is a must!
Send a brief outline of your panel, how long it will run and what AV is required, note that we do not supply laptops, you must bring your own.

We are also running social panels, the upstairs room adjacent to the Dealers Den will be used for small round table type panels, there will be little to no AV supplied here.
So if you want to have a panel to discuss the superiority of Dragons, show off your pokemons or just play a board game these are the panels for you!

and finally the people who keep the con running!
We are now open for volunteers!! This year volunteers will get free rego, so if you think you have what it takes to join our team sign up now!
see our website furdu.com.au for the volunteer form :)

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