FurDU 2017 Guest of Honour

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Foxy_Malone, Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:37 pm

We are pleased to announce our first guest for 2017

PJ Saber!

PJ Saber is a music writer, producer, and performer from Brisbane, Australia. He has been working behind the scenes in music for over a decade, with the occasional release of his own, and during his time in Perth, he played guitar for Triple J Unearthed artist Gryff in their live shows. PJ helps write for the world’s most popular artists in his spare time, working for a production company based in Sweden known for working with Kygo, Girls Generation, The Veronicas, SHINee, and many others.

Currently, he’s contracted to write for Girls Generation, F(x), SHINee, (As well as the ONEW Solo album), TVXQ, NCT and Ricky Martin’s new comeback album. Performing next to fellow furry musicians in past events like FoxAmoore, Colson, and Diesel, PJ plans to bring a live show to Furdu 2017!


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